Electronics Restoration

… Retro is back …!

Tube- as well as solid state retro radio and HiFi equipment is still around and cherished by many enthusiasts that crave for the times way back when. And especially because of the still unparalleled typical and warm tube sound coming from tube radio’s and amplifiers …

But take in account that servicing and/or repairing tube- as well as solid state equipment is very time consuming and expensive, because to avoid any early returns to the workbench :
– All electrolytic capacitors have to be replaced.
– Many types of capacitors have to be replaced, such as oil, wax and paper capacitors…
– Brown “Roundy” resistors that change value due to prolonged storage in humid places…
– Rewiring of damaged cloth wires, etc…
– Re-aligning amplifier and/or HF stages.
So not quit impossible but a lot of bench time has to be considered…

  • Availability of components.
    – Most tubes are still widely available as well as al discrete components.
    – Solid state transistors, power transistors as well as power amplifiers or hybrid modules are very hard to come by, as they are no longer manufactured and many Chinese counterfeit is on the market…
  • Availability of schematics.
    – Widely available so no issue here
  • Component delivery delays.
  • Acceptance fee : €25,-
  • Bench-time : €40,-/Hour

So before we accept any tube- or solid state retro radio and HiFi equipment for servicing or repair we will discus al these issues preliminary, so no unnecessary costs are incurred to avoid any discussions …

The acceptance fee :
– Will always be charged upfront from the moment you decide that the servicing and/or repair may or can be carried out.
– Is non refundable in case you do not want to have the servicing and/or repair carried out for any reason whatsoever.
– Will be deducted from the total sum of the servicing and/or repair cost.

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