Electronics Servicing and/or Repair.

Consumer electronics is so cheap nowadays, servicing and/or repair is no longer economically viable. Even finding, or ordering parts, and obtaining schematics has become virtually impossible.

Nevertheless servicing and/or repairing semi-professional and professional equipment is still possible under certain conditions…
Availability of components.
Availability of schematics.
Component delivery delays.
Acceptance fee : €40,-
Bench-time : €50,-/Hour

So before we accept any semi-professional or professional equipment for servicing or repair we will discus al these issues preliminary, so no unnecessary costs are incurred to avoid any discussions …

The acceptance fee :
– will always be charged upfront from the moment you decide that the servicing and/or repair may or can be carried out.
– Is non refundable in case you do not want to have the servicing and/or repair carried out for any reason whatsoever once we started.
– Will be deducted from the total sum of the servicing and/or repair cost.

This JB Systems MCD 300 Pro, 19 inch MP3 & CD-player was down due to a failure of the mains transformer, so replacing it with a more reliable toroidal transformer got it up and running again.

This linear HAMEG HM203-6 scope had a considerable image jitter issue due to extremely oxidized contacts in all slide switches, so a thorough cleaning was required. Carefully opening these slide switches, cleaning and restoring them was quite time consuming but rewarding in the end. After some small realigning this scope was ready again for some may years of bench time.

Although modern digital scopes are quit a marvel of technology, linear scopes are still a very valuable asset on a workbench.

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